Worldcup opener Cairns

Like two years ago the luck at the Worldcup opener in Cairns, Austrailia, stayed on the other side of the globe.

Even I went through a big crash in the start that time, I had a flat frontwheel in the first loop. This caused two stops in the techzone and maybe even worse was that it took me out of my line for three laps, because I always had the feeling to flat again… Anyway in the last four laps I got rid of that feeling and tried to move up, which was not easy everytime on a fast track with one long singletrail climb… So I came in 53rd, but probably legs were there for more…

Worldchampion Nino Schurter has won the race ahead of the two French Marotte and Absalon.

So now I’m looking forward to be home for a few days and even more to the next race and next chance at the Europeans in two weeks.