Worldcup #7 Meribel

The worldcup final in Meribel in the French Alps was overshadowed by the tragic accident of our teammate Annefleur. So instead of writing about my race and the track I prefer to share the letter the team wrote to Annefleur:

„Dear Annefleur „Fleur“,
thank you very much for your time spending with all of us. You´ve brought a lot of vitality and heart´s blood into our team and the cycling sport. With all your love of sport you´ll always remain in our hearts.
On the race day in Meribel you made the sun shine all day long, every flower by the wayside of the track flourished so that you could watch the race from every angle.
You, „Fleur“, didn´t miss to be with every single participant that day: with „your flower“ attached to every number you could experience everyone giving his/her best on that special day, precisely for you.
Every time we think of you, you give us hope and so much strength – thank you for that! You´ll always be with us, we know.
„It´s good for me“- one of your most replied answers to our questions. We do hope from the bottom of our hearts that it is like this, now.
Because of you, the entire cycling family moved closer together, merged and hold a moment of silence prior to each race. Many people, hardly knowing each other, put their arms around each other at the thought of you. What a wonderful experience for us, that day.
Your „beloved“ Focus XC Team
FOCUS XC Team – together fun and success!“

Even it was so secondary this weekend: I finished on an ok 30 place, not the result I was dreaming about but legs just didn’t want so spin as I wanted.