Worldcup #5 Mt St Anne

At the fifth round of the UCI MTB Worldcup in Mt. St. Anne, Canada, I had a tough day in the office and the premiere in the German Championsjersey did not went the way I wanted.  The track just 40km away from Quebec City was really damanding, technical and fun, normaly.

I had quite a controlled start into the Elite race with seven laps to go and when I entered lap two I thought I have a good rhythem and moved up into about 20th spot. But in the end of this lap I ran out of energie, feld like there was nothing left in the tank. Still I just tried to given it everythink, but this was not much on this sunday. So even the great course was not fun anymore. Maybe last weeks stomach bug did still effect me more than I thought, so I got truely dissapointed 47th in the end. Anyway I hope to be back on my best for the next chance next week in Windham for the 6th round of the Worldcup.

Nino Schurter won the race in Mt St Anne ahead of Absalon and Mc Connel.