Worldcup #5 Mt St Anne

Wordcup number five was held in Mt St Anne in the Canadian province of Quebec close to the St Lorenzriver last weekend. The 4.0 km long track has changed a bit so there was ‘just’ one main climb left but with all those technical sections and many entrances upon the track still demands everything from the riders.

I took a good start into the U23 race and after having some back trouble the last two days I was just happy to be in the four men leading group in lap two. I tried to hold their wheels in those technical sections which was quite hard for me. In lap three I made a small mistake and in the following downhill I tried to compensate it. But I took a bit too much risk and got a rear puncher, so I lost not just the contact to the group completely but also about one minute in lap three.  After changing my wheel I tried to fight back into the race from 11th place. In the technical sections I was struggling a bit but was able to move forward. After six laps I just unluckily lost the sprint for fourth to Drechou, so I got fifth with 1.57 min down to the winner Anton Cooper. Julian Schelb rode a strong race into second ahead of Reto Indergand in third.

With this I could defend my lead in the overall ranking by 71 points with just one more Worldcup in Hafjell to go.