Worldcup #4 Andorra

Worldcup round four was held in Andorra, a small state in the Phyrenees. The about 4,4 km long track was quite fast sometimes technical and the altitude of about 1800 m a.s.l. made it a really hard one.

After a good start into the U23 race I tried not to overpace and to find my own rhythm. After being around 10th in the beginning I caught a few positions in the next lap and made it into the leading group. After halftime of the race we were three riders, the two French Drechou, Sarrou and me, in the front. In the last but one lap Sarrou got a technical and just a bit later I was not able to follow all those small  speedups by Drechou. After trying something in the last lap again I got satisfied second behind Drechou, Sarrou got third. With this I could increase the lead in the overall standings.