Worldcup #1 Pietermaritzburg

The first round of the UCI MTB Worldcup took place in Pietermaritzburg, the capital of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. The almost all new 5,1km course was physically even more demanding and well ridingskills were asked in the rockgardens.

In my first Worldcup in the Elite my target was to ride carefree and given it all. That worked out unexpectedly well in the first lap when I was riding in the TopTen after a good start feeling quite comfortable. I tried to find my rhythem to prevent overpacing within those positions. But when I rode into lap two it feld like my body misunderstood this target. Instead of finding a good and smooth rhythem it felt more like Stand-By modefor more than three laps. I tried to get back into the race, but didn`t manage. However with a bit more than two laps to go my legs start to spin a bit smoother again and fighting was on. I overtook about ten rides and made it to an average 33. place in the end. Not super bad one, but especially with the bad feeling I had in the middle of the race this was not what I was aiming for.
Double Olympic champion Absalon won the race after six laps ahead of a strong Fumic and Marotte.

In about two weeks there is the next chance at the secound round of the UCI MTB Worldcup in Cairns where I hope for a lot better feeling and so I´m looking forward to.