Sunshinerace Nals

After a promising progress of my form last week in Montichiari I was really looking forward to the C1 Sunshinerace in Nals last weekend. The track in north Italy was about 5km long and leads the riders upwards on a long climb and back down into the Adige Valley on a fast, rocky and dusty downhill.

I had a good start in the big and strong mens field but had to take care about my legs a bit in lap one of seven. I tried to give it all and with the knowledge that my shape should be there I focused on my own rhythem, even my legs were not the best that day. But in end of lap two something caught into my rearwheel and it flated it. First on the rim and afterwards by foot I reached the technical zone quite far back in field and decided that the race was over for me at that point. After the lasts weeks that was mentaly one failure to much…
But I won’t stop and head will be up again soon, so I will give everything at the next chance next week at the Ötztalbikefestival in Haiming.

The good news of the weekend are that teammate Florian Vogel won an other race ahead of Manuel Fumic and Ondrej Cink.