Ötztal Bikefestival Haiming

Also this year many worldclass riders found their way to the “HC” honorable category race in Haiming at the food of “Ötztal” in Tirol (Austria).
The 4,2 km long track for sundays CrossCountry race was a really tough one because there were so many roots, rocks and short but steep hills so there was really less time to recover. But it was a nice one, so after a few unlucky weeks I hoped to get back to old strength and also to finaly leave the losing streak and solve the knot. My start from the second row was really good and I managed to sit in seventh in the top of the first and longest climb. I felt good, legs were spinnig. But instead of solving the knot once again the air in my rearwheel blow off just after passing the technical zone. ‚This can’t be true?!‘ and ‚This should not happen to you again!‘ were my first thoughts when I saw my cut tire. I ran the about two kilometers towards the next zone, changed the wheel and went off for one more lap with a lot of frustration in me before they pulled me out of the race due to the 80% rule.

Just after the race gallows humour was my only way to deal with this dissapointment, but those flat tires should be enough now for a few years…

One again Florian Vogel won the race ahead of Ondrej Cink and Gerhard Kerschbaumer.