German Nationals Cycloross

After organizing some Geramn championships in Mountainbike in Bad Salzdetfurth the operators were ready to set up the German nationals on 12. and 13. january in cyclocross as well.

On an attractive track with some running passages and many spacatators, last years medalists Michael Schweizer and Yannick Meyer were faved again. But in the first part of the race it was not one of the cyclocross specialists that made the pace but me who could open up a gap of ten secounds. It didn`t need much time until the favourits decided to start chasing and close the gap. When I saw that I decided to try to recover a bit, so they close up. In the next laps a narrow and exciting race developed where at least five rides were able to fight for gold. Three laps to finish it was Michael Schweizer who attacked first, but not decisive. In the last but one lap Jannick Geisler increased the speed and it was just me who followed. We got into the last decisive lap with a small gap. Just 200-300m to the finishline there was a short muddy hill and decsent where I saw to be able to open up a small gap in the last laps. So it was my effort to go in there first. I really got in there first and came to the finishstretch with a small gap. But was enough, I won my first German cyclocross title in front of Geisler and Herklotz, who overtook Schweizer in the last lap.

Unbeliveable, really! This was something I could expect before! Crasy.