German Champs

What a day at the national championships in Wombach this weekend. After 2014 I could claim my second German Champion title in the Elite category and was pretty overwhelmed.

Already in the start loop I got into the race perfectly and was able to be part of the five-riders leading group in the first laps. In the second of seven 4.1km loops I forced the pace a bit and it was Martin Gluth and Manuel Fumic who lost the contact at first. So three of us were up in front for the nearly the rest of the race. I worked a lot in the front and when Christian Pfäffle had a flat with two laps to go I recognized that Mritz Milatz and I will fight for the jersey. I just hoped I did`t spent to much energy by setting the pace for most time in the race. On the second last hill I went all out, trying to claim the stripes. Indeed, I was able to cross the finish line first, totally overwhelmed and super happy. Crazy.
12 seconds later it was Moritz Milatz who took silver over Christian Pfäffle in bronze position.

I just don’t know what to say about my feeling, I’m just super super happy.