German Championships Saalhausen

After the surprising win last year I came to Saalhausen as the definding champion. But after quite a tough spring my main effort was not the titel defense, rather I wanted to recall my best performance again.

The 4.8km track was hard with steep climbs, some rain and mud and the slippery descents required some sensetive fingers on the brake.
After a good start I had little problems with the high speed in the first two laps and rode in sixth and seventh position. But afterwards I found a superb rhythem and caught steadily. After three laps I found my self within the podium spots. Forcing onward the gap to the leader Fumic came down from 45 Sek after lap two to about 20 Sek in the last laps of the race. I tried to push even a bit more but couldn’t. So Fumic after seven laps Fumic took his third title in commanding style, the former European Champion Moritz Milatz came in on 3rd place.

Even I „lost“ the jersey I’m really absolotely happy and satisfied with my vice titel and even more that the race went so well for me again.