EC Bern

On Bernese local mountain „Gurten“ above the rooftops of the swiss capital this years European championships were held. The 4.2 km long track was quite taff and some nice and spectacular jumps made it an realy attractive one, which could be fun, but mustn’t. After last weekends win and a good Team Raley on thursday I was looking really forward to the U23 race on sunday early in the morgning.

The start and the three startloops went allright but before we went into the first downhill I got shot out of the track in second. I tried to caught up again, feeling that my legs were not that good. Nevertheless after lap one of six I’ve compensated my handicap of 20 seconds, but got droped nearby immediately. The power especially in the steep and short uphills was missing. I continued to fight seeing the medals riding a few seconds ahead. But in the beginning of lap three I finally got droped again and started to move back and ended in 17th. The French Sarrou won ahead of Begian Schurmanns and Drechou.

For sure after last weeks my goal was to fight for the medals, so of cause I’ve been a bit disappointed after the race. But bad days like those are just part of the game as well as winning is. So now I’m looking forward to a short break and after I’m looking forward even more to be back racing in German Bundesliga in Saalhausen in two weeks.