Cappadocia Bike Festival

It`s quite at time ago that I did my last post here but my trip to Cappadocia/Turkey is really worth a little writing.

After an 100km Bikeride at home on Wednesday I decided quite spontaneous to fly to Turkey on Thursday to start at the three day Cappadocia-Bike-Stagerace on Friday…
I just took my Focus Fully, four pants, four jerseys, a few bars, Helmet and my Saddlebag wit spare tube, Minitool and CO2 pump. Quite a little and very, very optimistic set for an three day stage race on rocky ground and on unknown terrain…

So after arriving I was excited to see what the nearly 6 min long Prolog would bring – burning lungs but also a stagewin and the leaders jersey. That was cool. So I also had one more jersey to change for the trip 😉

On the second day a about 26.6 km long Point-to-Point (XCP) stages with nice single trails led the riders through the insane canyons of Cappadocia before the last 10 km were uphill and with headwind back to the finish line. 
Unfortunately I saw the finish line already way to early: I was in front of the race and just on the point were the XCP- track and the XCO-track for sunday split there was a sign missing. But since I still saw marks (of the XCO…) I recognized that I was wring only when I saw the finish area again. I turned, found the track again somehow and just put in everything I had to try to limit the damage. Finished fifth and 3 min down.
But I was not the only one, all four riders that were leading in the beginning of the race were routed wrong. So since that was not our mistake and each of us could proof his time-loss via GPS-files we discussed with the UCI commissar and organizers and finally the results were changed. So I even took the stage win and kept the leaders jersey. 

In the final XCO race on sunday my legs were quite heavy, but probably that was the same for everyone. Still I managed to start good and with an other win I was also able to secure the leaders jersey ahead of the French Franzosen Demy Duquesne and Kirill Kazantsev from Kazakhstan.

But there is so much more to tell about this great trip. It was super spontaneous, without planning and expectations. So it mist be good. People were super friendly, even chatting in English was a problem sometimes. The landscape with those houses built into the rocks was insane, one of the most beautiful ones I have seen. Track and organization (except the missing mark on saturday) was good. And mistakes can happen to everyone – but they sealed with it in a fair way. 
Sun and good food rounded up a nice weekend.
So I even went for an 2.5h bike ride through Cappadocia in sunday afternoon to get as much impressions as possible.
Monday morning I traveled home, with good memories and also my first UCI win of the seaoson – and I will definitely be back!