C2 race in Zoetermeer

One week after the worlds there was a C2 race in Zoetermeer close to the Dutch sealine. So many fast riders took the chance to fight for some UCI points. The abou 4.4 km long track was really “cyclocross-style” and with some rain it got a bit slippery in the middle of the race.

I took a good start and after the Belgian van Hoovels started his solo in lap two I was riding in the chasing group together with Schuermanns for a long time. In lap five of eight the Belgian Cyclocrossexpert Meussen and another Belgian close up. With two laps to go I was just  dropped a bit when I saw the riders in front of my not being super fast anymore. The track starts to dry up, which was good for me, so I pushed a bit more again in the last lap and managed to get third behind the Belgians van Hoovels and Meussen.

Next week there is one more important race waiting for us, the Worldcup final in Hafjell/NOR. Really lookin’ forward.