Bundesliga #3 in Heubach

Again the „Bike the Rock“ in Heubach was part of the international MTB Bundesliga but the start field looked more like a Worldcup race. Riders from about 20 nations, world champions and many Olympic medallists made their way to the swabian alb.

On saturday there was the eliminator sprint on a quite technical course. After being excreted last week in the qualification I was able to make it into the final this time and could achieve fourth place.

On sunday the “Paintrail” was waiting six times for the super strong international field. After last week’s bad performance I wanted to come back to normal strength. In the first lap I really needed to suffer but I hoped to move forward after, like last year. I could move forward a bit but not as much as I wanted and so I finished in 23rd position, which was not super bad but for sure not what I wanted and was my target was. I just feel that the power is not there like it was a few weeks before and like it normally is.

World champion Nino Schurter won ahead of double Olympic champion Julien Absalon and Florian Vogel.

Now I need to find the reasons and hope to get back to old strength soon, hopefully already next week at the HC race in Haiming.