Bundesliga #2 in Münsingen

I had a bad one in Münsingen, or let’s better say I had two bad ones at the second round of the international Bundesliga. 

In saturday’s eliminator sprint I did a riding mistake in the qualification run which was puniched badly, so I could not go into the finals. 

Precisely for this reason I wanted to do better on sunday.  I took a good start in the strong international field and even the first lap was not that bad. But nevertheless I felt that there is really less power today. When I tried to go faster in the second lap this feeling become stronger and instead of moving forward I went backwards… With every rider that overtook my also my head turns worse. I just felt that something was wrong but in lap three I tried to push stronger again. But there was no chance on this day and so I decide to quite the race in lap three, which was a big disappointment for me.

Now I try to get this out of my head and to recover well to be prepared for the next race in Heubach next weekend.