Bundesliga #2 in Münsingen

I had a bad one in Münsingen, or let’s better say I had two bad ones at the second round of the international Bundesliga. 

In saturday’s eliminator sprint I did a riding mistake in the qualification run which was puniched badly, so I could not go into the finals. 

Precisely for this reason I wanted to do better on sunday.  I took a good start in the strong international field and even the first lap was not that bad. But nevertheless I felt that there is really less power today. When I tried to go faster in the second lap this feeling become stronger and instead of moving forward I went backwards… With every rider that overtook my also my head turns worse. I just felt that something was wrong but in lap three I tried to push stronger again. But there was no chance on this day and so I decide to quite the race in lap three, which was a big disappointment for me.

Now I try to get this out of my head and to recover well to be prepared for the next race in Heubach next weekend. 

1# Bundesliga Bad Säckingen

I had a good one at the Bundesliga kickoff in Bad Säckingen this weekend and managed to get third behind european champ Moritz Milatz and swedish champ Emil Lindgren.

 Just in time for the start of the Elite-Bundesliga on sunday the spring came back to Germany with some good sunrays. I had a good start in the strong international Elite field and managed to go into the first singletrail as second. Without recognizing I was part of the leadinggroup within the first lap. While two riders drop back a bit I was trying to follow the Swedish. In lap four Milatz caught up and went straightforward into the lead. So Lingrend and I fought for second but also the Swiss Matthias Stirnemann was chasing. At the last short hill close to finish the decision for second was made. I was not able to follow the Swedish anymore but managed to safe a small gap ahead of Stirnemann. So I got third behind Milatz and Lindgren.

That was an unbelivable season kickoff for me! In two weeks Bundesliga will condinue with the „Paris-Roubaix of MTB“ in Münsingen.




To continue with the preparation for the new season I’ve been on Mallorca the last 12 days with the national federation. Form the north of the island we started to climb some mountains with our roadbikes or went for some flat rides to collect some kilometres. With a nice group training was even more fun and so I was able to reach a new record: One day I did about 220 km! I’ve never ridden more than 200 km before!
After those long trainings it’s time to switch back to the Focus Raven 29R’s big lugs again for some more specific workouts.

Some impressions!

German Nationals Cycloross

After organizing some Geramn championships in Mountainbike in Bad Salzdetfurth the operators were ready to set up the German nationals on 12. and 13. january in cyclocross as well.

On an attractive track with some running passages and many spacatators, last years medalists Michael Schweizer and Yannick Meyer were faved again. But in the first part of the race it was not one of the cyclocross specialists that made the pace but me who could open up a gap of ten secounds. It didn`t need much time until the favourits decided to start chasing and close the gap. When I saw that I decided to try to recover a bit, so they close up. In the next laps a narrow and exciting race developed where at least five rides were able to fight for gold. Three laps to finish it was Michael Schweizer who attacked first, but not decisive. In the last but one lap Jannick Geisler increased the speed and it was just me who followed. We got into the last decisive lap with a small gap. Just 200-300m to the finishline there was a short muddy hill and decsent where I saw to be able to open up a small gap in the last laps. So it was my effort to go in there first. I really got in there first and came to the finishstretch with a small gap. But was enough, I won my first German cyclocross title in front of Geisler and Herklotz, who overtook Schweizer in the last lap.

Unbeliveable, really! This was something I could expect before! Crasy.

Int. Centrumcross van Surhuisterveen

Short after the new year has started it was time for me to compete in the internationl centrumcross van Surhuisterveen, my first cyclocross race out of Germany. In the strong field with national champions, ex world champions and other pros I took a quite bad start on the fast road. But when it turns offroad I was able to move forward a bit. Although I lost a bigger group in lap three of eight I was able to reach 20th position in the end which is really all right for me. Even with the view on CX nationals next week I’m pleased with the race.

Full results you can find here.

Furthermore there is a short clip about whats going on in pit:

[youtube width=“420″ height=“315″ video_id=“lHH67zisMDU“]

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

I wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year in which your wishes and hopes will come true.
I will feed you with some news also between those holidays, so click around from time to time!

Sportsman choice by Medienhaus Bauer

Like the years before also this year the Medienhaus Bauer is looking out for the sportsman of the year. After having become 3rd last year with your support I would like to appeal for your support also thias year.

Just click here and vote!

Thanks for your support!

Cyclocross Bornheimer Hang at Frankfurt

Last sunday, after a few weeks of good training I decided to race my first international cyclocross race at the „Bornheimer Hang“ in Frankfurt. With the onset of the winter the course was frozen und coverd with snow. So it was quite slippery. I took a good start in the international 100-riders field and feld all right on all parts of the course where you could push. In all the slippery corners and slopes I didn’t manage to ride smooth enough, so I lost a few positions and came 26. in the end. Quite happy with the race, had a lot of fun and as 8th German riders it wasn’t that bad as well.

Teammeeting Bad Salzdetfurth

Last weekend the new formatted team with the new name Focus XC Elite Teamm has met in Bad Salzdetfurth to plan and prepare the 2013 season. After a successfull last season this is the next step forward. It was cool to welcome our new riders the German Helen Grobert and the Austrian Uwe Hochenwarter in the Team. Meanwhile two female riders have quit the team last autumn to concentrate on the upcoming cyclocross season. The new formatted team you can find here.

On the weekend we had a lot of fun together especially on the cyclocross track for the next German championships in january. Unfortunately I had a bad crash there on friday but luckily nothing serious has happened. Further we spend a lot of time with gym and fitness training and also fixed the racing calendar so far.